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The Benefits of Buying Directly From the Source

Traditional liquidation methods involve layers of middlemen, red tape, product poaching and price mark ups before buyers even have access to the inventory. Luckily this old-school way of doing things is slowly evolving into an efficient B2B model where buyers … Continue reading

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Seasonal Returns Provide Great Product-Sourcing Opportunities

Did you know that around 10% of all holiday purchases are returned to retailers in the months following Christmas? Whether buyers’ remorse, relaxed return policies or gift-recipient repugnance, retailers are getting back close to $64 billion in merchandise sold during … Continue reading

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Welcome Almo! Our newest private marketplace.

B-Stock welcomes ALMO Corporation, the nation’s leading independent distributor of major appliances, consumer electronics, and professional A/V equipment, to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  The official ALMO Liquidation Auctions marketplace (http://almo.bstocksolutons.com) launched this week with a variety of inventory available to approved … Continue reading

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Future of Excess Inventory Liquidation and Reverse Logistics Industry

Adrian Gonzales over at Logistics Viewpoint just posted the mid-year update to his 2009 Logistics Predictions this week.  His predictions have so far been on the mark and we still agree with them now, just like we did back when … Continue reading

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Everything as a Service

Yesterday, I attended GigaOM’s Structure ’09 conference where HP’s CTO of Cloud Services Strategy, Russ Daniels, made a bold prediction. “Everything as a Service.” To clarify, Daniels’ believes that the current trends in technology will lead to a world where … Continue reading

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Dealing with Forecast Inaccuracies

In my inbox this morning, I found a press release announcing a massive one-day $5 million inventory reduction auction by boating company North Point Water Sports.  Events such as this are not uncommon in the manufacturing industry as excess inventory … Continue reading

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Preparing for Disruptive Events

Great article by Steve Banker over at Logistics Viewpoint titled Integrating Strategic and Supply Chain Planning at Emerson. In the article, Steve gives a case study of Emerson Process Management, a company that has prepared itself for turbulent times by … Continue reading

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