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Almo Auction Liquidations

Almo's official B2B liquidation auction marketplace that allows approved buyers access to purchase customer returns and overstock inventory in bulk lots. Inventory auctions will include home appliances, home comfort, consumer electronics, mobile devices and more.Apply Now

Applying is fast and free! If you are approved, you will be able to participate in Almo Liquidation auctions.

Sam's Club Liquidations
  • Liquidation Electronics
  • Liquidation Furniture
  • Sam's Club Returns
HP Liquidations
  • Liquidation Printers
  • Liquidation Monitors
  • HP Overstock
Sam's Club Auctions
  • Single Unit Auctions
    from Sam's Club
  • Sam's Club Returns
Electronics Liquidations
  • Liquidation Electronics
  • Liquidation Computer Hardware
  • Liquidation Audio and Video
Jewelry Liquidations
  • Liquidation Designer Jewelry
  • Liquidation Designer Watches
  • Liquidation Custom Jewelry
Wayfair Liquidation Auctions