B-Stock’s CEO Howard Rosenberg Recognized as 2015 “Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine

A big congratulations to B-Stock Solutions’ CEO Howard Rosenberg who was recently named a 2015 “Pro to Know” by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. The “Pros to Know” awards recognize top supply chain executives who are leading initiatives to solve supply chain challenges in today’s global climate. In Howard’s case, that involves disrupting the way returned and excess merchandise enters and moves through the secondary market; this reverse supply chain solution has enabled B-Stock’s hundreds of clients to recover billions of dollars from their returned and excess inventory.

This type of recognition is very significant as it further exemplifies that bringing innovative solutions to the reverse supply chain is just as important as doing so on the forward side. When you consider that returned merchandise alone is a $260 billion a year problem for retailers – not including the excess inventory sitting on shelves – there is a huge opportunity to bring efficiency to the process while making a positive earnings and environmental impact.

B-Stock Solutions is proud to power the largest global network of B2B liquidation marketplaces, connecting returned and excess inventory from retailers and manufacturers directly to business buyers. No middlemen. No liquidators.

To read more about Howard’s “Pros to Know” recognition, please read our press release. For a look at Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s list of 2015 “Pros to Know,” please read the online article or pick up the magazine’s March issue.

For more information on how B-Stock Solutions can help you implement a successful liquidation solution, please contact us.


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The Benefits of Buying Directly From the Source

Traditional liquidation methods involve layers of middlemen, red tape, product poaching and price mark ups before buyers even have access to the inventory. Luckily this old-school way of doing things is slowly evolving into an efficient B2B model where buyers have access to returned, overstock and excess merchandise directly from the retailer or manufacturer’s private-label, branded liquidation marketplace. This presents a level playing field for buyers; meanwhile, the retailer has more control of who is purchasing the product and how it enters the secondary marketplace. It’s a winning scenario for both sellers and buyers.

This topic was recently addressed by B-Stock Solutions’ Director of Professional Services, Dave Gershon when he sat down with Wireless Dealer Magazine at CTIA’s Mobility Week. Within the video Q&A Dave explained why purchasing straight from the source allows for more transparency and should be a best practice for anyone buying consumer-returns or excess merchandise at auction.

Take GameStop for example: devices including tablets, gaming systems and cell phones returned or traded in by customers are auctioned in bulk on GameStop’s private-label B2B marketplace. Qualified business buyers have direct access to the merchandise and can purchase straight from GameStop. No middlemen or traditional liquidators involved.

To see more of Dave’s interview with Wireless Dealer Magazine, please click here. For a look at B-Stock Solutions’ network of private-label B2B marketplaces or to start sourcing returns and overstock merchandise directly from Fortune 1000 retailers, please visit our B-Stock Sourcing Network.


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Creating an Impactful Solution for Liquidation of Excess Inventory

Consider this: in 2014 consumers returned a record $284 billion worth of merchandise to retailers. That’s a huge number (about equal to the GDP of Singapore) and it is only going to get bigger due to the continued increase in online sales (which typically bring a higher return rate) and relaxed return policies by retailers to drive customer loyalty. What’s more, a lot of that merchandise can’t go back on the shelf. Lack of innovation over the past 50 years for dealing with consumer-returned and excess inventory is costing retailers billions of dollars and can no longer be approached as an afterthought or left to inefficient traditional liquidation methods. This is especially true in today’s climate when every point of operating margin matters so much.

So, how does one create an impactful solution for liquidation of returned and excess merchandise?

B-Stock Solutions’ CEO Howard Rosenberg recently contributed an article to Supply & Demand Chain Executive on the topic, which included questions to ask when implementing a solution:

  • Does the solution provide the control you want?
  • Are you building a strategic advantage for your company?
  • Is the solution adequately flexible?
  • Is the solution compliant with public company filing requirements?
  • Do you reap the benefits or does your liquidation partner?
  • What kind of new approaches are other retailers using?

For detailed explanations on all the above questions, as well as what to look for when choosing a liquidation partner, check out the full article here. For more information on how B-Stock Solutions can help you implement a successful liquidation solution, please contact us.

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Seasonal Returns Provide Great Product-Sourcing Opportunities

Did you know that around 10% of all holiday purchases are returned to retailers in the months following Christmas? Whether buyers’ remorse, relaxed return policies or gift-recipient repugnance, retailers are getting back close to $64 billion in merchandise sold during the holidays; much of which can’t go back on the shelves. All of these returns, however, present an excellent opportunity for resellers to stock up on merchandise across a variety of categories as they move through the liquidation process.

B-Stock Solutions’ Eric Moriarty recently spoke with eCommerce Bytes about post-holiday sourcing, including what resellers should expect in terms of product availability, and margins. Here are some takeaways to consider:

• The most active time period for post-holiday returns is mid-January through March. This span is due to a few factors including: internal policies set by the retailer, the retailer’s warehousing and logistics bandwidth and a delay in returning the item by the consumer.

• Profitability for resellers of returned merchandise will be affected by a number of variables including the reseller’s sales channel, or however they opt to make those items available for purchase. Any value the reseller adds, like refurbishing, can have an impact on profit margins, as does overhead and item condition.

• Though the margins vary, some sellers see triple digits on a per-unit basis.  If you are careful and buy well, there is substantial profit to be made.

To read more of Eric’s interview with eCommerce Bytes, please click here. For more information or to start sourcing returns and overstock merchandise directly from Fortune 1000 retailers, please visit our B-Stock Sourcing Network.

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Welcome Almo! Our newest private marketplace.

almo logoB-Stock welcomes ALMO Corporation, the nation’s leading independent distributor of major appliances, consumer electronics, and professional A/V equipment, to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  The official ALMO Liquidation Auctions marketplace (http://almo.bstocksolutons.com) launched this week with a variety of inventory available to approved buyers.  Lots include single pallet and multiple pallet quantities of products across Almo’s product lines, including TV’s, air purifiers, small appliances and more. 

5 Pallets of Outdoor Furniture (Lot# BNE2400), 5 Units, C Class, MSRP $3,762, Philadelphia, PA liquidation auction. Almo Liquidation Auctions               1 Pallet of Samsung 39” Class 570 Series Direct-Lit Hospitality LED HDTV(Lot# BNE1550), 9 Units, Re-boxed as New, MSRP $4,284, Philadelphia, PA liquidation auction. Almo Liquidation Auctions               3 Pallets of Sharp Microwaves(Lot# BNE1970), 39 Units, Tested - in working condition, MSRP $8,113, Philadelphia, PA liquidation auction. Almo Liquidation Auctions               1 Pallet of Sharp - Air Purifier with HEPA Filter - 3 Fan Speeds Libra(Lot# BNE1640), 22 Units, In Working Condition, MSRP $5,600, Philadelphia, PA liquidation auction. Almo Liquidation Auctions

Approved buyers will be able to purchase LTL or full truckloads of TVs, mobile devices, refrigerators, microwaves, patio furniture, and much more. To review detailed inventory manifests which includes quantities, brands, components included in the lots and model numbers; please visit ALMO Liquidation Auctions marketplace at http://almo.bstocksolutions.com. Please note that this is a private marketplace open only to approved buyers so you will have to apply and qualify for approval.

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New Liquidation Marketplace for Mobile Accessories : B-Stock Wireless

Auction Site Logo

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest private marketplace for cell phones and accessories called B-Stock Wireless (http://wireless.bstocksolutions.com).  B-Stock Wireless Liquidation Auctions offers customer returned and excess inventory including bluetooth devices, smartphone cases, tablet keyboard cases, and other mobile accessories in varying quantities and conditions from our newest enterprise seller.

  Zagg Bluetooth Keyboards and Cases for iPad Mini and Air, Customer Returns (BSS1-701-Lot 8) 3,517 Units, Retail $312,665, Fort Worth TX liquidation auction. B-Stock Wireless     Otterbox Cases & Chargers, Customer Returns (BSS1-701-LOT 1), 7,954 Units, Retail $391,942, Fort Worth TX liquidation auction. B-Stock Wireless     mobile accessories liquidation

B-Stock Wireless provides detailed and accurate range of descriptions that enable buyers to bid with confidence. Listings are always closing soon, so register now at http://wireless.bstocksolutions.com/customer/account/create/.

We are thrilled to officially welcome our newest seller, operating under the B-Stock Wireless banner, to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.

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B-Stock Solutions Raises $7 Million in Series B Growth Funding

sge-logo true-logo

B-Stock Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of inventory Liquidation Sales Management solutions to retailers and manufacturers, announced today that it has closed a $7 million Series B growth funding round led by Susquehanna Growth Equity (SGE). Existing investor, True Ventures, also participated in the round.

“Retail returns are a $260 billion problem for retailers so it is more important than ever for them to maximize the value of this distressed inventory,” said Howard Rosenberg, CEO of B-Stock Solutions. “B-Stock has transformed traditional liquidation methodologies into a data-driven, technology-based process that is both operationally more efficient and yields higher prices.We are thrilled that SGE shares our vision for the business and will be joining our team.”

Since B-Stock Solution’s Series A funding, the Company has grown its client base of Fortune 1000 and SMB retailers and manufacturers into the hundreds and continues to operate profitably. B-Stock Solutions plans to use this round of funding to support and accelerate its award-winning B2B liquidation business, which is growing over 200% annually. This will include expanding its team of marketplace experts to serve its growing list of enterprise clients, advancing its technology roadmap, and broadening the suite of services offered across all industries.

“In 2009, True Ventures led B-Stock’s Series A funding based on the notion that this very inefficient part of the reverse supply chain could be significantly improved,” said John Burke, a Partner at True Ventures. “This team has proven that their technology, services, and extensive data reporting create substantial value for clients who have never before had such visibility into secondary market pricing and demand characteristics.”

Retailers and manufacturers continue to suffer financially from the impact of customer returns and other excess inventory. The trend towards omni-channel retailing is exacerbating this problem. B-Stock Solutions helps minimize this negative financial impact by providing:

  • A secure and easy-to-use web-based auction platform
  • Expert liquidation and auction strategy guidance
  • Real time reporting and analytics on secondary market pricing and demand characteristics
  • Exposure across the B-Stock Sourcing Network, the largest and fastest growing network of branded liquidation marketplaces and qualified business buyers

”We are pleased to be working with B-Stock Solutions as they transform the traditional liquidation industry. The team’s auction strategy, marketplace management, and demand generation expertise have created an incredible solution that no other company has been able to match,” said Amir Goldman, Managing Director at Susquehanna Growth Equity. “B-Stock’s rapid growth to become the leader in their market has been remarkable and it is testament to their team’s performance and dedication to their clients.”

B-Stock Solutions is also excited to announce that Amir Goldman of Susquehanna Growth Equity will join Howard Rosenberg and John Burke on its Board of Directors.

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Processor Magazine Selects B-Stock Solutions as its Company to Watch

Last week, our company was profiled in an article as a “Company to Watch” by one of the leading IT publications in North America, Processor Magazine.  The editor of Processor Magazine interviewed Howard Rosenberg, CEO of B-Stock Solutions, on how B-Stock Solutions is changing how retail and manufacturing organizations are liquidating their excess inventory. Below is an excerpt from the article:

“Our solution brings efficiency to the process of liquidating excess inventory,” says CEO Howard Rosenberg. “We not only bring sellers 20% to 50% improvements in recovery rates, but we reduce the amount of time required to manage the process.”

B-Stock Solutions does that through technology, services, and expertise. “We build and manage branded, private auction marketplaces for our clients. We then fill those marketplaces with buyers who meet our clients’ criteria to create demand. It is a turnkey solution that makes our clients more money.”

You can find the full interview with Howard in Processor Magazine by following this link: http://goo.gl/LPxN3B.  To learn more about our B-Stock’s services for retailers and manufacturers, take a look at the B-Stock website.

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Duracell Powermat Partners with B-Stock Solutions to Launch B2B Online Marketplace

Duracell Powermat B2B Logo

Duracell Powermat B2B is a joint venture that brought together two industry-shaping pioneers: Duracell and Powermat Technologies. The Duracell Powermat 24-Hour Power System provides wireless charging for iPhones and other compatible mobile phones. B-Stock Solutions is proud to be selected by Duracell Powermat to launch their official Duracell Powermat B2B Marketplace (http://duracallpowermat.bstocksolutions.com) and provide buyer members of the B-Stock Sourcing Network access to a variety of Duracell Powermat inventory in bulk lot auctions.

Throughout the launch process, the B-Stock Solutions team worked closely with the Duracell Powermat team to meet their requirements and drive awareness to the upcoming inventory offerings less than 30 days.

backup battery iphone, iphone battery, iphone charger, iphone charge, how to charge iphone, charging iphone, battery iphone 5, iphone case battery, iphone 5 case, iphone 5 cases - Duracell Powermat    iphone 5 battery, iphone battery, charging iphone, iphone 5 charger, iphone 4 charger, battery iphone 4, battery iphone 5, how to charge an iphone 4, how to charge and iphone 5 - Duracell Powermat

Approved buyers can purchase a variety of products including wireless charging cases, portable backup batteries and wireless charging mats. To review a detailed manifests which includes quantities and components; please visit Duracell Powermat B2B Marketplace at http://duracallpowermat.bstocksolutions.com. Please note that only approved buyers may view the inventory manifests.

We are thrilled to officially welcome Duracell Powermat to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.

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Waste Management Liquidation Marketplace has launched!

Waste Management Liquidation Auctions

Waste Management is North America’s largest residential recycler, managing almost 14 million tons of material annually from electronics to recyclables and organics. B-Stock Solutions is proud to be selected as the partner of choice by Waste Management Product Recovery Group to launch the official Waste Management Auction Liquidation Marketplace (http://wm.bstocksolutions.com) helping bring new life to electronics and IT inventory from laptops to smartphones and tablets in bulk lot auctions.

The B-Stock Solutions team is proud to help support Waste Management’s sustainability efforts. From kick-off to site launch, the B-Stock Solutions team worked closely with the Waste Management team to meet all their website requirements and drive awareness to the upcoming inventory offerings less than four weeks.

Approved buyers can purchase via auctions various types of IT products and consumer electronics, including: business class laptops, smartphones , and tablets. Representative brands include: iPhones, iPads, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, HP, Blackberry and many others. To review detailed inventory manifests which includes quantities, brand, components included in the lot and model number; please visit Waste Management Auction Liquidation Marketplace at http://wm.bstocksolutions.com. Please note that only approved buyers may view the inventory manifests.

We would like to officially welcome Waste Management to the B-Stock Sourcing Network.

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