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Apply Marketing Best Practices to Liquidation Without Any Investment in Time or Money

Most successful businesses would never consider abandoning their basic marketing fundamentals that drive demand for their products. But when it comes to liquidation, the idea of applying the same basic principles has never even crossed their minds. B-Stock Solutions applies best in class demand marketing to your inventory without any additional investment.

Create Competition Among Buyers for Excess Inventory

With our proprietary platform, we create transparent competition among buyers that has been proven to push prices higher. Rather than selling to a single buyer at a pre-negotiated price, our approach ensures that your inventory ends up going to the buyer with the highest willingness to pay.

Reduce Dependency on Liquidators

Using a tool that enables you to efficiently manage a buyer base of hundreds or thousands allows you to eliminate your dependence on one or two liquidators. In the process of fragmenting your buyer base, you reduce any one buyer’s power in negotiating prices against you. Let multiple bidders bid prices up rather than having a single buyer negotiate them down.

Automate Your Manual Phone, Fax, Email Liquidation Processes

Using B-Stock Solutions eliminates the phone, fax and email process typically used to get inventory manifests out to buyers and then field questions and offers. With our online platform, manifests are posted for all approved buyers to see. Any approved buyer can examine the manifest and submit their bids. They will automatically be notified if they are outbid and be given the opportunity to raise their offer. All the negotiating happens in the bidding process, and not via endless emails.

Understand the True Value of Your Excess Inventory

Liquidation inventory is worth what a competitive market of buyers will pay for it, not what you are able to negotiate with a single large buyer. To get a true read on the market value of your inventory we put it in front of a critical mass of professional buyers who know its value to them. They will then compete the pricing up until they can no longer accept a lower margin. The buyer able to extract the most value and/or operate on the slimmest margin, will ultimately win. Using B-Stock Solutions means getting the absolute most for your inventory when you want to.

Build a Long Term strategic Asset that Pays for Itself

Operating your own liquidation marketplace means building a large base of buyers that buy over and over again. You own the relationship with all the users that sign up for your site, resulting in higher prices and quicker sales as critical mass is reached. A marketplace is a strategic asset for any organization not only for the liquidity it provides, but also for the pricing and market intelligence you get from knowing exactly what buyers are willing to pay.

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